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Coroner: Chaillie P. Daniel, MD

Chief Investigator: Jim Groody

Mailing Address: P.O. Box 487

Physical Address: 5326 Oak Street,
St. Francisville, LA 70775

Office Phone: 225-635-5848

24 Hour:  225-784-3136

Fax Number: 225-635-5847


Instructions for completing West Feliciana Parish Coroner’s Office Cremation Request


  1.  Download the cremation request below.     

  2. Completely fill out the cremation request. You may fill out this form online and save it to print it.

  3. Return the completed request to the West Feliciana Parish Coroner’s office via email or fax using by email or phone/fax numbers above.


If approved, an invoice for this service will be sent to the funeral home when the signed permit is returned to the funeral home.


$75 for a Coroner’s Case

$100 for a Non-Coroner’s Case


For further questions please contact the West Feliciana Parish Coroner’s Office at 225-635-5848 and follow the prompts for the Coroner’s Office.

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